The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 5 –

Ah man, suns finally crackin’ the horizon…wonder if my Golden Gun pulls any extra weight with Sol shining…Ho, whoa! What is that down there…a light? Is it Light?… Fellows sure look like Guardians…maybe they’re the punks that popped my Sparrow…

“Leo, whats the status on my Sparrow?”

//The assailant put quite a pretty shot down, Guardian: they knew where to hit us hard. I’m trying to salvage the potentiality manifold now. Might take awhile.//

“Keep me posted.”

…too bad I haven’t managed to loot a Sniper Rifle yet, even a Scout. Just wanna get a closer look at these guys…

“Leo, got a read an anything down there?”

//Negative, too far out.//

…Ahh I suppose the wise thing to do would be sitting here and doing a little recon…I’ll give it an hour or two tops…whoa did those lights just burn blue?… Gotta get a closer look. Maybe if I just slide down here juuust a bit…

~ Wolfgang Matthews


The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 49 – (Live feed, gunfight ensuing, rounds firing in background/some data errors transmission)

Break the feed, Leo! I need your complete attention here wi-…..die for good this time! I don’t know how I’m gonna-…. 6 Nightstalk-… and not a one has left that Courtyard. And-….our flank yet?!

//I believe our purple partner is finally deciding we’re worth his time…Do you think his Ghost would like me? Is it a woman? Should I swap shells? Hows my voice module? Is my lens-//

Leo, come on! Status report!maxresdefault

//Right. The Anomolous Voidwalker is covering the right flank at the stairwell.//

Ah, okay then. So now he wants to help. Better late-….never.

//As long as we can maintain a watchful eye on our leftern blindspot, our position should hold against three times as many enemies even.//

That’s good news. I’m gonna-…a break-…. some ammo soon. Where’s the nearest cache?

//I spy a Special Crate atop that Sniper nest. Maybe they house primary ammo within them also.//

Alright, thats our best bet then. I’ll drop a trip-…. and then we-…make a quick-….I hope our friend catches the quo.-…roll with it.

~Wolfgang Matthews

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

I’ve got one more entry, Entry 34, about our Gunslinger, O’Shaughnessy-16, and his quest to unravel one of the many mysteries plaguing the European Dead Zone. What is it? Who or what is causing such strife? What, oh what, will our not-so-super hero do to next?!

Find out the exclusive details here, only at Words-with-Wolfgaaaaaang!


Entry 34 – (Monologue, Butt-hurt thoughts reviewing recent events)

Gettin’ very fed up with this whole damn Op, this whole damn Dead Zone too. Been here well over 24 hours now and it seems all I’ve found while looking for answers are more questions. Like this Voidwalker tailing me and having the audacity to spring me with Axions, hmm. We both know that we both know he’s there and could do much worse. Why hasn’t the pretentious prick introduced himself yet? Or dropped a Nova Bomb on my noggin? And why can’t Leo catch a read on his Light? That in itself defeats me. All the same, two & two tells me he’s the same one that shot at me upon arrival. Same one that dropped the beacon. Same one raising all these questions. Same one that’s gonna answer, too.

So its back to the Courtyard. Just Leo, my Regulator, and me. Roll with it.

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Geographer – Cloudbusting

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 33 – (Live Feed, within the rubble of a confined golden age apartment complex)

Okay, okay. We’ve got to figure this shit out, Leo. I see things going one a’ two ways. Either we can push on into this mess or we can back out up the mountain, flag the ship, and get the hell outta here before we join the dead of this Dead Zone.

//Yes, your powers of deduction would be breathtaking if I had any to give. But seriously, I calculate that making the ‘push into this mess’ is our best option. Given the deteriorated state of your gear matched with your ever-depleting reservoir of ammunition, I personally don’t think we’d make it back up that mountain to our ship.//

You’re right. Don’t know who called us here. Don’t know who shot us down, or if those two who’s are one in the same – we don’t even know the meaning behind that damn beacon that got us into this mess. Its time we find some answers, Leo. Let’s go back to the Courtyard where we got chased by that ‘Lock and her Axion bolts. And keep my Light hot. I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna need the ole Incendiary Blades this afternoon.

//Roger that. Just don’t miss in the ‘heat of the moment’ and hit me with one again. You’ll melt my Sugary Shell!//

(Snorts and laughter)…Just keep my Light lit, Leo. I’m not gonna be able to hit anything if you keep this up – and its like you said; I don’t have much ammo left. We’re gonna need my Blades if we want to solve this mystery. And that’s just what I plan to do.

//Go on, Guardian!//


~Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: This post is a day late, but I blame my Sara. She knows who she is. Anyways, there will be a series of 3 more Entries released from Myth of the Monte Carlo today, as a result, along with the usual Wise Word Winsday post. Looking forward to it because today, along with every other Winsday, is gonna be a good one! Also, wish me luck on Destiny! I might get a chance to have a match vs. the creators/producers of the game! …And don’t worry folks, I didn’t forget about your obvious thirst for more of the amazing music I post. Here’s a little taste. Its few years old, but like all things legendary, it just gets better with time.
Local Natives – Who Knows, Who Cares

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 7 – Leo, run the reel. This is vital information. Cayde and the rest of The Tower will want to hear it.

“This is O’Shaughnessy-16, Gungslinger/Vanguard student to Cayde-6. It is now 0700 hours Local.

Got a very strange set of occurances to report:

     My Ghost answered an unmarked distress call at 0300 hours Local, thought I might have a chance at getting the jump on some other Pirates to a loot n’ boot. Upon landing, I summoned my Sparrow and didn’t make it but a mile towards the call before she was shot right out from under my ass. Oddly, I was left untouched. Upon a quick reconnaissance, I confirmed the one who shot me down is clearly watching me and wanted me to answer that distress call. So I made my way after deciding it was obvious that this wasn’t a routine loot n’ boot.

     The path led me to a beeping beacon deep within the European Dead Zone, ’bout 60 miles outside of that area dubbed ‘Widow’s Court’ – word among the Guardians is Shaxx wants to turn it into a location for Crucible warfare – Either way, nobody’s gonna be playing their little training games down in that valley anytime soon. There’s something going on down there. The beacon I found sits up here on the face of a mountain, hidden deep under a collection of rockfall. My guess is that is was both moved, activated, and placed here in its new locale under these rocks by the same person that shot my Sparrow down, but honestly I have notta clue what’s going on. If someone took the time to move this damn beacon, why not just turn the thing off altogether… Something ain’t right, that’s for sure. 

     So, like I said ’bout 60 miles down into the valley sits Widow’s Court. It was approaching dawn when I arrived to the beacon, so it was still dark enough to see a collection of balls of bright, blue light gathered outside of a tall Castle, huddled within a Courtyard. Never seen anything like it. 

     Well I was sitting up and watching those light-balls from upon my mountain ridge for a little over two hours. Even from a distance and without a scoped weapon to spy with, I could tell that something strange was going on. 

     After the sun rose, the balls of light naturally disappeared along with whatever was producing them. Poof, gone. My guess is that whomever left that beacon where they left it wanted me to see what I was put here to see. And I saw.

     Only thing left to do now is investigate. I’m going to head down the valley and take a look around the Courtyard. Status pending, O’Shaughnessy-16 out.”

Alright Leo. That should do it. Hopefully we can get some support by the time its needed. Let’s go.

//Ok, Guardian! For the record, your Sparrow is repaired and ready for use. Would you like to give it another go?//

No, no. I don’t think time is our enemy today, big guy. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be here for awhile. Might as well enjoy the view – before the real work begins.


~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: Here’s some rather neat Guardian/Destiny fan art. Maybe it’ll interest those unaware of the world of Destiny.

Awesome Gunslinger

A Hunter

Destiny Tattoos?

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 29 – (Live Feed)

Drop the overcharge, Leo. I think we’re safe now.

//Noted, Guardian. Curious, who do you think that was? My scans never even picked up traces of Light, but what hit you from behind as you ran away sure looked a lot like an Axion Bolt.//

Oh yeah? Well it felt like one too. Man, it still hurts to sit down.

//Want me craft you a “butt-donut”? My datacraft says here that they are ergonomically designed to remove stress and discomfort fr-//

Shut up, Leopold. We’re done here. Now do you want to help me look for more clues? Or do I have to do all the detection myself?

//No, no. Of course not, Guardian. I’m right here behind you…in case you change your mind.//

(Heavy sigh.)


~ Wolfgang Matthews


Post-scripture: M. Leopold, or Leo for short, is what the world of Destiny calls a “Ghost”. They’re small, mechanical “artificially intelligent” beings built by the Traveler and its Light. More or less, they’re companions for the Guardians trying to save humanity. They open locks, fix gear, summon Sparrows, control the ships, etc. Anyways, for lack of a better description, here’s your typical ghost:

Although not all Ghosts have names, our story’s is named Monsieur (or M.) Leopold. It is currently unknown as to how Ghosts come about their names, be it from themselves or the Guardian by which they’re paired. Note: The Guardian above IS NOT our story’s Guardian. 

Tribute to Destiny – The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Given that I spend a fair share of my free time playing Destiny, I find it necessary to make a post or two from time to time in homage to the game. Tonight’s will be short, sweet, simple. I spend about 3/4 of my time as an Awoken Gunslinging Hunter whilst playing Destiny, therefore, I’ll be sure to make a nod to her a time or two.

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

     Entry 52 – Only 6 shells left in the Regulator. No ammo in the reserves. Looks like it’ll be nothing but the Light and M. Leopold to guide me now…just gotta make it to the heart of the Dead Zone and put an end to this damned Cult – thrice and for all.

52 hours prior

Entry 1 – Should’ve known better. Should’ve swallowed my pride and found a few Defenders to come along as insurance. Hell, I would’ve known this whole gig was a farce to begin with, ‘specially after getting my Sparrow sniped right out from under me, had I not been so fixated on the myth of the Monte Carlo.

     Either way, there’s no mistake that me being shot at was no mistake. Just wish I’d have seen where the bullet even came from. What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is why a Guardian would call for me this far outta The City just to have me stranded. I do know one thing – I’m gonna need to stay on my toes and keep my head onna swivel – Question everything and overlook nothing. Aha ha. At least I’ve got my Knucklehead Radar.

~ Wolfgang Matthews



The Generic Hunter
This is just a quick visualization tool for those that don’t know what Destiny is, so as to see what a typical Hunter might look like.