No Land Beyond: A poem of introduction (Draft #1)

Once was an age without peace;
twice was an age without war;
thrice cometh Time bearing change of the ages with twice of said changes afore.

The First was a change done in vain;
a page in Time all but unknown.
Of all which was Holy and wholly of All was detained from the reign of a throne.

The Second change came as a pair;
For sharing their essence was vital.
To bridle the fabric of Time while idle in mind was their ultimate trial.

The Third is why I sing my song…
The Third is the truth born within;
the right of a wrong long ago.

…….(to be continued)


~ Wolfgang Matthews


Nightmare – Daily Prompt

Nightmare – Daily Post

A quick punch into my past. About a year or so ago, Sara was in line to take head as the Assistant Manager for a shoe store at our local mall. This is quite a feat for her age. Well, her boss, the Manager took a vacation for a week and as result Sara was left to both house-sit said Manager’s home and manage the store in her absence. Well, naturally I was staying at said house with Sara. They had this glorious cloud of a california-king sized bed and one morning after Sara got ready for work, we couldn’t find the keys to her car. Well after frantically tearing someone else’s house apart for a solid half hour and concluding that they had been sucked into a hidden vacuum of space, Sara ended up having to contact her sister for a ride to work. Note at this point that the poor girl was already late; and when Sara is late, no one is happy. Well, to the point, it wasn’t a whole ten minutes after she left that I laid eyes upon the mischievous keys. They were simply wrapped up within the massive cloud of a california-king sized comforter for this massive cloud of a california-king sized bed. I blame it on the luxurious lifestyle. Some of us just simply aren’t fit for fancy things. All the same, here’s a few haiku(s?) about one of the days in which I almost died (figuratively speaking, of course.) Enjoy!


Can’t find Sara’s keys

She’s gonna be late to work

Her glare is lethal


Piercing winged eyes

Porcelain cheeks, knees get weak

Angel in disguise

Temper like an ox

She’ll slay you with her smile

Sara, she’s a fox

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: Every time I try to write about Sara, even the bad parts, it always ends up turning out like the haiku(s?) above. My poet-mind went from describing a nightmare to describing her beauty within the nightmare. Ohhh, I can’t help myself. We love us.
Go on, click the link already. It truly is an amazing song from a truly talented musician. Ash Roth is so much more than hip-hop and rap. Dude’s got funk!
Asher Roth – Tangerine Girl

Tool of Time

A quick haiku for the weekly prompt of ‘Clock’ via Haiku Horizons.


“A Foretold Pharoah

Prophesied to free his kind

Nom, can you help him?”

– Father Time

~ Wolfgang Matthews
Post-scripture: For the folks over at Haiku Horizons, I understand that, in the simplest of terms, this post does not exactly follow the prompt. All the same, in my mind and in the world I’ve created it does follow the prompt. Therefore, I hope that is enough reason for it to not be removed or tagged ‘unrelated’ or something along those lines. Thanks, folks.

Finding the Dark

Daily Post – Darkness

I’ve grown to fall in love with haiku(s?) as of late; partly due to their simplistic and clean-cut nature, partly for their natural-telling sense of irony or humor or all the other things that make literature and poetry great. Anyways, as a result of my newfound joy, I’m going to end my busy day with a simple post as such. Since the Daily Post prompt is “darkness”, I thought I’d wack two birds with one stone and make the haiku about darkness. Enjoy.

Finding the Dark

Seeking things unknown,

blinded by Material,

spiteful, shiny things.

Answers held below,

we dig into our conscious:

Question everything.

For we are not real,

just materialistic:

Shades of existence.

Programmed from Day 1,

we love to spend our money:

Shine for attention.

Close your eyes with me,

ask yourself, are you happy?

Let the truth sink in.


~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: the flavor of the week. link will take ya’s to youtube, per usual.
Baby Missiles by The War on Drugs

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 7 – Leo, run the reel. This is vital information. Cayde and the rest of The Tower will want to hear it.

“This is O’Shaughnessy-16, Gungslinger/Vanguard student to Cayde-6. It is now 0700 hours Local.

Got a very strange set of occurances to report:

     My Ghost answered an unmarked distress call at 0300 hours Local, thought I might have a chance at getting the jump on some other Pirates to a loot n’ boot. Upon landing, I summoned my Sparrow and didn’t make it but a mile towards the call before she was shot right out from under my ass. Oddly, I was left untouched. Upon a quick reconnaissance, I confirmed the one who shot me down is clearly watching me and wanted me to answer that distress call. So I made my way after deciding it was obvious that this wasn’t a routine loot n’ boot.

     The path led me to a beeping beacon deep within the European Dead Zone, ’bout 60 miles outside of that area dubbed ‘Widow’s Court’ – word among the Guardians is Shaxx wants to turn it into a location for Crucible warfare – Either way, nobody’s gonna be playing their little training games down in that valley anytime soon. There’s something going on down there. The beacon I found sits up here on the face of a mountain, hidden deep under a collection of rockfall. My guess is that is was both moved, activated, and placed here in its new locale under these rocks by the same person that shot my Sparrow down, but honestly I have notta clue what’s going on. If someone took the time to move this damn beacon, why not just turn the thing off altogether… Something ain’t right, that’s for sure. 

     So, like I said ’bout 60 miles down into the valley sits Widow’s Court. It was approaching dawn when I arrived to the beacon, so it was still dark enough to see a collection of balls of bright, blue light gathered outside of a tall Castle, huddled within a Courtyard. Never seen anything like it. 

     Well I was sitting up and watching those light-balls from upon my mountain ridge for a little over two hours. Even from a distance and without a scoped weapon to spy with, I could tell that something strange was going on. 

     After the sun rose, the balls of light naturally disappeared along with whatever was producing them. Poof, gone. My guess is that whomever left that beacon where they left it wanted me to see what I was put here to see. And I saw.

     Only thing left to do now is investigate. I’m going to head down the valley and take a look around the Courtyard. Status pending, O’Shaughnessy-16 out.”

Alright Leo. That should do it. Hopefully we can get some support by the time its needed. Let’s go.

//Ok, Guardian! For the record, your Sparrow is repaired and ready for use. Would you like to give it another go?//

No, no. I don’t think time is our enemy today, big guy. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be here for awhile. Might as well enjoy the view – before the real work begins.


~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: Here’s some rather neat Guardian/Destiny fan art. Maybe it’ll interest those unaware of the world of Destiny.

Awesome Gunslinger

A Hunter

Destiny Tattoos?

Autonomous Antinomy of Waves- Daily Prompt in Haiku

Daily Post of Autonomy


Haiku Horizons Weekly Post of Wave

I’ve been incredibly busy over the last few days with this, that, and the other thing. Furthermore, its America Day (which is COMPLETELY daft in my mind; and we’ll discuss this on another day, Old America. You’re not getting out of being punished by Wolfgang via wordplay for all of the heinous acts of genocide by which you so tolerantly committed.), and I’ve picked up extra hours at work as a result due to being paid Holiday Hours. Nonetheless, and its no excuse but, I’ve not had time to do a solid post in quite awhile. Since Winsday Wise Words, honestly. So I’m ready to write a bunch of shit only a handful of people on Earth truly even care to read, let alone end up reading anyways. Although said post of amazingness and great length shall not come today, I do have a haiku to drop instead.

But first: I follow a few really neat, motivating blogs within WordPress here that give you ideas of what to write for the day if you’re set on putting at least SOMETHING down daily so as to improve upon your writing craft without allowing yourself to slack. I’m am certainly one of such writers. Anyways, the two blogs aforementioned are The Daily Post and Haiku Horizons. Feel free to just click the names if you’d like to be linked to the respective blogs for a quick looksie. Not only do the prompts themselves motivate and/or assist your writing practice, but the posts people reply to said prompts with are endless pools of knowledge and examples in what it takes to be a writer. There are all kinds of responses that do wonders in catalyzing that Thinking Noodle, helping to get outside the Box of Boring and cooked right into a big bowl of Super Writing Soup !

Anyways, here’s the Daily Post in Haiku form. I hope you enjoy, folks.

Autonomous Antinomy of Waves

The Wave is the slave

The people are the victims

The moon is guilty.

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: Here’s a song for those intrigued by my taste in music and too afraid to tell me and/or admit it out of sheer too-cool-ness or something along those bizarre, blurred lines. By the by, the band to be displayed below is a band with a bass player that goes by the name of none other than “THE Ryan “Goodface” Gosling”. Truly though, Mr. Gooseling plays the keys and a few other instruments from track to track, and even is the featured vocalist on the track to be shared below. Great music, guys. They even feature this children’s orchestra throughout the album and its solid gold. I would swear to it by the beat of the drum.
Dead Man’s Bones – Lose Your Soul
Post-post-scripture: I love you, Momma. I know you’re out there reading my posts as I progress through time. You’re my hero and my main motivation. It is known.

(The) Path of Survival, Draft #2

“NOW this is the Path of Survival; A Path forlorn; born from within.
Dost matter not what path unravels;  dost matter not where it begins.

To fringes of Faulan, to Oceans Untold; the Path of Survival forever unfolds –
Now this is the Path of Survival hereon; survive and let die ‘fore the Path is foregone.



Trust in the Sun and the Moons in the sky; for they will stay true to the temporal eye.
Trust in yourself for the self cannot lie to the self if the self is Oneself with their Eye.

Doubt every reason to doubt where you go; survive in the eye of the storm as it grows.
Doubt every answer to all questions asked; but doubt not a step while treading the Path.



~ Wolfgang Matthews

(The) Path of Survival

“NOW this is the Path of Survival; A Path forlorn; born from within.
Dost matter not what path unravels;  dost matter not where it begins.

To fringes of Faulan, to Oceans Untold; the Path of Survival forever unfolds –
Now this is the Path of Survival hereon; survive and let die ‘fore the Path is foregone.


(to be continued.)


~ Wolfgang Matthews


Post-scripture: For those unaware, this poem draws inspiration from another poem called The Law for the Wolves by Rudyard Kipling. He’s known for some neat stuff you might know about such as The Jungle Book, eh 90’s babers?  Anyways, like all great things, this will be continued and built upon to one day reflect the length and (hopefully) greatness by which the original expresses. As such, there is more to the Path of Survival than meets the macbook. I’m looking forward to sharing more. Au revoir !

All good things come in 3’s

I confess, I fail you all. I’ve gotten so worked up over a post-theme for Wednesdays that I’ve been cheating and working on it 3 days in advance. Alas, I do have a little bit of fun for postage. Although my third post is all but a post at all, I will leave ya’s with re-prints of three old poems from back in the day-day while going to University. Don’t judge me too hard now.

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Blame Game
Free Verse Poem Draft 6 (Final)
Written By: Dean Estes

Let’s play the Blame Game.
She said, “I know I can win it.”
          But what’s winning when winning is ending before we’re finished?
What’s winning when winning is ending with transgressions?
You blaming me for my wrongs is a step in the right direction, but three rights don’t make a left when we’re left with a misconception.
          But what’s losing when choosing what’s who’s fault leaves a bruising impression all on our egos? Well let’s call my feelings a window; it was steamy with self-esteem. Yours matched mine when we met. We were more than a perfect team, till the day that the blames started. Blaming became a game, then a game that we restarted and restarted and restarted. Now look at where we aren’t, floating oceans apart.

I write about us in class as I try to dry out my heart. But its cold, so damp and my fingers are falling apart. Holding this pen is hard, can you blame me? 

Life or Lack Thereof
List Poem Draft 2 (Final)
Written by: Dean Estes

  1. Open your mind.
  2. Open your ears.
  3. Open your eyes.
  4. Open your throat.
  5. Open your lips.
  6. Take a dandy yawn, you deserve it for all that hard-working sleep.
  7. Open your door.
  8. Open another maybe.
  9. Go into the room that’s too cold for your feet.
  10. Close the door cause hot air is precious and its escaping.
  11. Open the toothpaste.
  12. Do (5) again and add in the teeth.
  13. Open your eyes wide cause I swear it’ll clean them better.
  14. Open the cold water faucet.
  15. Open your throat again.
  16. Smile for your twin, no parsley? Groovy.
  17. Open your urethra and colon if necessary.
  18. Open the drain that flushes the leftover-you away.
  19. Open the shower curtain.
  20. Open the hot water faucet.
  21. Open the bottles of chemicals.
  22. Cover yourself in chemicals.
  23. Open your mind some more. The hot water will do you justice.
  24. Open the shower curtain again.
  25. Open the door you closed after opening it to begin.
  26. Open the dresser drawer or closet door.
  27. Open yourself to options and possibilities.
  28. Open the cold door.
  29. Open a jug and chug.
  30. Open the front door.
  31. Open your mind some more.
  32. Now there’s nothing left to open that you haven’t opened before.
  33. Open up to Life without hiding behind closed doors.

Personal Poem
Imitation Poem Draft 2 (Final)
Written by: Dean Estes

Well I’m gonna vent and get bent on my thoughts

Like Frank O’hara can do. Thought my natural

Cause is to rhyme and take time with my clause.

Can’t you see what I do?

I write and I write and erase till its 10:45. I’m racing

The clock and the tick and the tock are banging

Against my brain. Only an hour is left till I’m due for the

Kids in the class to go judging my ass. Only an hour is right

To take flight in my plight so fuck it: I’m burning this grass.

Now where do I go from here? Do I steer towards

A pretty little plot of my room? Or give you some in-

Sight of what’s going on in my life like you don’t

Already have enough bullshit going on in yours?

I’ll take Choice C and for me that’s a day out of

School with my friends at the thrift store. I see no

Point in the purchase of clothing that costs more than

A meal or two. Think of the ways you could spend all that cash

That you waste on threads of cloth woven and sewn

To your liking. I don’t know what else to build upon here.

But hey, the rhyming had stopped for a minute or two,

That’s a plus in my mind to say the least. For sheer

Spontaneity, I’m proud of myself.

I guess this is how things are done.