The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 5 –

Ah man, suns finally crackin’ the horizon…wonder if my Golden Gun pulls any extra weight with Sol shining…Ho, whoa! What is that down there…a light? Is it Light?… Fellows sure look like Guardians…maybe they’re the punks that popped my Sparrow…

“Leo, whats the status on my Sparrow?”

//The assailant put quite a pretty shot down, Guardian: they knew where to hit us hard. I’m trying to salvage the potentiality manifold now. Might take awhile.//

“Keep me posted.”

…too bad I haven’t managed to loot a Sniper Rifle yet, even a Scout. Just wanna get a closer look at these guys…

“Leo, got a read an anything down there?”

//Negative, too far out.//

…Ahh I suppose the wise thing to do would be sitting here and doing a little recon…I’ll give it an hour or two tops…whoa did those lights just burn blue?… Gotta get a closer look. Maybe if I just slide down here juuust a bit…

~ Wolfgang Matthews


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