The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 49 – (Live feed, gunfight ensuing, rounds firing in background/some data errors transmission)

Break the feed, Leo! I need your complete attention here wi-…..die for good this time! I don’t know how I’m gonna-…. 6 Nightstalk-… and not a one has left that Courtyard. And-….our flank yet?!

//I believe our purple partner is finally deciding we’re worth his time…Do you think his Ghost would like me? Is it a woman? Should I swap shells? Hows my voice module? Is my lens-//

Leo, come on! Status report!maxresdefault

//Right. The Anomolous Voidwalker is covering the right flank at the stairwell.//

Ah, okay then. So now he wants to help. Better late-….never.

//As long as we can maintain a watchful eye on our leftern blindspot, our position should hold against three times as many enemies even.//

That’s good news. I’m gonna-…a break-…. some ammo soon. Where’s the nearest cache?

//I spy a Special Crate atop that Sniper nest. Maybe they house primary ammo within them also.//

Alright, thats our best bet then. I’ll drop a trip-…. and then we-…make a quick-….I hope our friend catches the quo.-…roll with it.

~Wolfgang Matthews

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