A Note to the Reader

“Fleshing out the thoughts of one’s mind all while looking for just a piece of a peace of said mind. Help me get there, folks, and I’ll write words worthy of woe and wonder alike. Regarding the self, I am where I should be. Lazy -> in debt -> shamed -> need a vent.”


As a rule of thumb, this blog exists as a set of daily reminders of why I exist: To spread my tears of love and loss through witty wordplay and prolific prose; to spout my semi-egotistical views and nonsensities to any and all of those willing to listen; and most of all, I dream of using this simple website as the foundation by which I can build my complex world, and novels and stories within, upon. For those unaware, I’ve been wrestling with this idea of a novel (amongst a series of other novels) for quite some time now. Being the amateur writer that I am, I aim to build a more diverse writing repertoire. I aim to expand my vocabulary and linguistic skill as a whole. Lastly, I aim to please not only myself, but those of you reading along and hoping to be pleased as well.

Be my vent, folks. As the blog progresses, I have goals and games in mind to keep those of you that enjoy said blog interested and involved; various interactive “postadays” and so on. Until I’ve got a better grip on the mastery of maintaining and editing the format/layout of this WordPress, feel free to contact me with any ‘COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, or CONCERNS!’ via the Contact tab heading the homepage or give me a holler via Twitter and/or Facebook by simply clicking on the badges at the bottom of every page. Lastly, I just want to say Merci Beaucoup for all of those that are here with me for the long haul. A litany of laughter, leisure – and lastly, love – ensues.


~ Wolfgang Matthews