The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 7 – Leo, run the reel. This is vital information. Cayde and the rest of The Tower will want to hear it.

“This is O’Shaughnessy-16, Gungslinger/Vanguard student to Cayde-6. It is now 0700 hours Local.

Got a very strange set of occurances to report:

     My Ghost answered an unmarked distress call at 0300 hours Local, thought I might have a chance at getting the jump on some other Pirates to a loot n’ boot. Upon landing, I summoned my Sparrow and didn’t make it but a mile towards the call before she was shot right out from under my ass. Oddly, I was left untouched. Upon a quick reconnaissance, I confirmed the one who shot me down is clearly watching me and wanted me to answer that distress call. So I made my way after deciding it was obvious that this wasn’t a routine loot n’ boot.

     The path led me to a beeping beacon deep within the European Dead Zone, ’bout 60 miles outside of that area dubbed ‘Widow’s Court’ – word among the Guardians is Shaxx wants to turn it into a location for Crucible warfare – Either way, nobody’s gonna be playing their little training games down in that valley anytime soon. There’s something going on down there. The beacon I found sits up here on the face of a mountain, hidden deep under a collection of rockfall. My guess is that is was both moved, activated, and placed here in its new locale under these rocks by the same person that shot my Sparrow down, but honestly I have notta clue what’s going on. If someone took the time to move this damn beacon, why not just turn the thing off altogether… Something ain’t right, that’s for sure. 

     So, like I said ’bout 60 miles down into the valley sits Widow’s Court. It was approaching dawn when I arrived to the beacon, so it was still dark enough to see a collection of balls of bright, blue light gathered outside of a tall Castle, huddled within a Courtyard. Never seen anything like it. 

     Well I was sitting up and watching those light-balls from upon my mountain ridge for a little over two hours. Even from a distance and without a scoped weapon to spy with, I could tell that something strange was going on. 

     After the sun rose, the balls of light naturally disappeared along with whatever was producing them. Poof, gone. My guess is that whomever left that beacon where they left it wanted me to see what I was put here to see. And I saw.

     Only thing left to do now is investigate. I’m going to head down the valley and take a look around the Courtyard. Status pending, O’Shaughnessy-16 out.”

Alright Leo. That should do it. Hopefully we can get some support by the time its needed. Let’s go.

//Ok, Guardian! For the record, your Sparrow is repaired and ready for use. Would you like to give it another go?//

No, no. I don’t think time is our enemy today, big guy. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be here for awhile. Might as well enjoy the view – before the real work begins.


~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: Here’s some rather neat Guardian/Destiny fan art. Maybe it’ll interest those unaware of the world of Destiny.

Awesome Gunslinger

A Hunter

Destiny Tattoos?


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