The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 29 – (Live Feed)

Drop the overcharge, Leo. I think we’re safe now.

//Noted, Guardian. Curious, who do you think that was? My scans never even picked up traces of Light, but what hit you from behind as you ran away sure looked a lot like an Axion Bolt.//

Oh yeah? Well it felt like one too. Man, it still hurts to sit down.

//Want me craft you a “butt-donut”? My datacraft says here that they are ergonomically designed to remove stress and discomfort fr-//

Shut up, Leopold. We’re done here. Now do you want to help me look for more clues? Or do I have to do all the detection myself?

//No, no. Of course not, Guardian. I’m right here behind you…in case you change your mind.//

(Heavy sigh.)


~ Wolfgang Matthews


Post-scripture: M. Leopold, or Leo for short, is what the world of Destiny calls a “Ghost”. They’re small, mechanical “artificially intelligent” beings built by the Traveler and its Light. More or less, they’re companions for the Guardians trying to save humanity. They open locks, fix gear, summon Sparrows, control the ships, etc. Anyways, for lack of a better description, here’s your typical ghost:

Although not all Ghosts have names, our story’s is named Monsieur (or M.) Leopold. It is currently unknown as to how Ghosts come about their names, be it from themselves or the Guardian by which they’re paired. Note: The Guardian above IS NOT our story’s Guardian. 

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