Tribute to Destiny – The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Given that I spend a fair share of my free time playing Destiny, I find it necessary to make a post or two from time to time in homage to the game. Tonight’s will be short, sweet, simple. I spend about 3/4 of my time as an Awoken Gunslinging Hunter whilst playing Destiny, therefore, I’ll be sure to make a nod to her a time or two.

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

     Entry 52 – Only 6 shells left in the Regulator. No ammo in the reserves. Looks like it’ll be nothing but the Light and M. Leopold to guide me now…just gotta make it to the heart of the Dead Zone and put an end to this damned Cult – thrice and for all.

52 hours prior

Entry 1 – Should’ve known better. Should’ve swallowed my pride and found a few Defenders to come along as insurance. Hell, I would’ve known this whole gig was a farce to begin with, ‘specially after getting my Sparrow sniped right out from under me, had I not been so fixated on the myth of the Monte Carlo.

     Either way, there’s no mistake that me being shot at was no mistake. Just wish I’d have seen where the bullet even came from. What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is why a Guardian would call for me this far outta The City just to have me stranded. I do know one thing – I’m gonna need to stay on my toes and keep my head onna swivel – Question everything and overlook nothing. Aha ha. At least I’ve got my Knucklehead Radar.

~ Wolfgang Matthews



The Generic Hunter
This is just a quick visualization tool for those that don’t know what Destiny is, so as to see what a typical Hunter might look like.


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