The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 33 – (Live Feed, within the rubble of a confined golden age apartment complex)

Okay, okay. We’ve got to figure this shit out, Leo. I see things going one a’ two ways. Either we can push on into this mess or we can back out up the mountain, flag the ship, and get the hell outta here before we join the dead of this Dead Zone.

//Yes, your powers of deduction would be breathtaking if I had any to give. But seriously, I calculate that making the ‘push into this mess’ is our best option. Given the deteriorated state of your gear matched with your ever-depleting reservoir of ammunition, I personally don’t think we’d make it back up that mountain to our ship.//

You’re right. Don’t know who called us here. Don’t know who shot us down, or if those two who’s are one in the same – we don’t even know the meaning behind that damn beacon that got us into this mess. Its time we find some answers, Leo. Let’s go back to the Courtyard where we got chased by that ‘Lock and her Axion bolts. And keep my Light hot. I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna need the ole Incendiary Blades this afternoon.

//Roger that. Just don’t miss in the ‘heat of the moment’ and hit me with one again. You’ll melt my Sugary Shell!//

(Snorts and laughter)…Just keep my Light lit, Leo. I’m not gonna be able to hit anything if you keep this up – and its like you said; I don’t have much ammo left. We’re gonna need my Blades if we want to solve this mystery. And that’s just what I plan to do.

//Go on, Guardian!//


~Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: This post is a day late, but I blame my Sara. She knows who she is. Anyways, there will be a series of 3 more Entries released from Myth of the Monte Carlo today, as a result, along with the usual Wise Word Winsday post. Looking forward to it because today, along with every other Winsday, is gonna be a good one! Also, wish me luck on Destiny! I might get a chance to have a match vs. the creators/producers of the game! …And don’t worry folks, I didn’t forget about your obvious thirst for more of the amazing music I post. Here’s a little taste. Its few years old, but like all things legendary, it just gets better with time.
Local Natives – Who Knows, Who Cares

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