No Land Beyond: A poem of introduction (Draft #1)

Once was an age without peace;
twice was an age without war;
thrice cometh Time bearing change of the ages with twice of said changes afore.

The First was a change done in vain;
a page in Time all but unknown.
Of all which was Holy and wholly of All was detained from the reign of a throne.

The Second change came as a pair;
For sharing their essence was vital.
To bridle the fabric of Time while idle in mind was their ultimate trial.

The Third is why I sing my song…
The Third is the truth born within;
the right of a wrong long ago.

…….(to be continued)


~ Wolfgang Matthews


A Formal Apology/Another Moment on Mattè

I would like to begin the post with an apology not only to my undisclosed readers, but to myself and this blog/journal as well. Its been neglected for a out a week now, though I assure you all it was not in vain. I have been deep within the production of my novel as of late, actually making real progress regarding the dialogue and flesh of my characters. Since Day 1 of this journey into Mattè and writing my novels and stories within it, my most difficult challenge has lied within that itself. I have all the details and imagery in my head: I can see it as clear as my own home and backyard. I’m just a new writer with a litany of excuses as to why I can’t put these details and images on paper. All the same, this pool of excuses have begun to run dry and I’ve finally started to make progress with my weaknesses as a writer. I guess part of the progress can be attributed to this blog and my ongoing short story about O’Shaughnessy-16 and The Myth of the Monte Carlo, as it has helped substantially with my practicing narration and scene depth etc. and its not even a lot of writing. Regardless, I’m proud of myself and ashamed all for the same reasons. To the point though, lets get back to Mattè. We shouldn’t keep our beautiful world waiting..

Today lets talk about The Grove, known in the olden days as none other than Grovyllon..

I would like to begin by noting that The Grove is not the same as a grove. The Grove is not your typical small group of trees settled down within a valley. The Grove is not something you walk to, through, or around in a matter of hours or days even, no. The Grove, my undisclosed readers, is a vast, seemingly endless aggregation of trees and forestry stretching farther than the eye can see. Although virtually none other than the (omitted) themselves have seen any part of The Grove outside of the city of (omitted), one can reason without a doubt that it is quite a large territory. It is said that when viewing the city of (omitted) from the very center, atop its grandmother tree named (omitted), one can only see the tops of trees ranging of all shapes and species to and fro – horizon to horizon. Alas, it is also said that the very same grandmother tree has never actually been scaled entirely without said scalee falling to a grisly death of utmost “natural” cause. So who truly knows, my undisclosed readers?


Find out when I finally write my book. It’s coming, Fall 2016…..

Jokes. Maybe within 4-5 years. It’s honestly an entire anthology I’m working with here, not a simple novel in less-than-poetic prose – oh no. This is true beauty I’m attempting to sculpt and mold here. And I’m using hand-me-down tools with rickety handles, innit? So let’s do this. Majic ensues. <— And that isn’t a typo. Oop, teaser teaser.

~Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: And for those that might actually care, here’s a melody fit for the angels and demons alike. No one can dislike this.
Iron & Wine – This Must Be The Place (A Naive Melody)

Wise Word Winsday #4 – Patience

The power of patience is a great one. While it’s a power that is certainly embedded within us all, the depth by which we must dig to attain said power varies within us all as well. Some of us are born with patience. Some of us live our entire lives without ever achieving such a frame of mind. For some of us, it requires a life-altering experience. For some of us, it simply requires old age. For some of us, it comes with our doctorate degree. (Boom, knee slapper.)

Anyways, you get the point. Patience is here. It does exist. And believe it or not, patience is more than just a word. Its more than just a “frame of mind” like I mentioned prior. Patience is a living breathing thing. It is an essence of our well-being as a people – from the singular soul to the seven billion strong inhabiting the world. Because this is the thing: Patience is what helped humanity rise to the top of the food chain. Having patience gave humans civility and commonwealth among each other. Without patience, we would still be ripping the throats from one another upon eye contact like our barbaric ancestors. Without patience, we wouldn’t have created the endless string of inventions and improvements upon inventions that propelled us into the future of a society we live in today. Without patience, we wouldn’t fall in love and follow it through and make life of one into two like we do. (Boom, accidental yet kick-ass rhyme.)

Down to a finer line of emphasis, patience can make or break our outlook on life. It can help us through that awful day at work, knowing our home with our family and loved ones is just around the temporal corner. It can provide us with that last bit of hope when practicing our craft, be it painting that perfect portrait or shooting that saucy 3-pointer or even writing that poetic prose. Patience is the backbone of our success. But with lack of said patience, we’re no longer in control.

Because patience is the forefront of all decisions made. It is the foundation by which we build our metaphorical House of Reason! (Boom, feelin’ like a preacherman.) Patience is what got your parents through your birth. Patience is what got you a diploma, believe it or not. (In no way can anyone justify 12 years of schooling when a majority of it goes unused in the real world.) Patience is what keeps you going to work every day, hoping for that raise or promotion or maybe even new job elsewhere entirely. Like I said, we’ve all got the power of patience within us. Sometimes, as silly as it sounds, we just requires a little patience to achieve the power of patience.

So do me this favor, if nothing at all. Heed these words, whether you agree with my aforementioned rant or not.

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself why you sleep;
what makes and takes your day away.
When you go to sleep, ask yourself why you wake;
what makes you hope and dream and pray.

~ Wolfgang Matthews

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 5 –

Ah man, suns finally crackin’ the horizon…wonder if my Golden Gun pulls any extra weight with Sol shining…Ho, whoa! What is that down there…a light? Is it Light?… Fellows sure look like Guardians…maybe they’re the punks that popped my Sparrow…

“Leo, whats the status on my Sparrow?”

//The assailant put quite a pretty shot down, Guardian: they knew where to hit us hard. I’m trying to salvage the potentiality manifold now. Might take awhile.//

“Keep me posted.”

…too bad I haven’t managed to loot a Sniper Rifle yet, even a Scout. Just wanna get a closer look at these guys…

“Leo, got a read an anything down there?”

//Negative, too far out.//

…Ahh I suppose the wise thing to do would be sitting here and doing a little recon…I’ll give it an hour or two tops…whoa did those lights just burn blue?… Gotta get a closer look. Maybe if I just slide down here juuust a bit…

~ Wolfgang Matthews

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

Entry 49 – (Live feed, gunfight ensuing, rounds firing in background/some data errors transmission)

Break the feed, Leo! I need your complete attention here wi-…..die for good this time! I don’t know how I’m gonna-…. 6 Nightstalk-… and not a one has left that Courtyard. And-….our flank yet?!

//I believe our purple partner is finally deciding we’re worth his time…Do you think his Ghost would like me? Is it a woman? Should I swap shells? Hows my voice module? Is my lens-//

Leo, come on! Status report!maxresdefault

//Right. The Anomolous Voidwalker is covering the right flank at the stairwell.//

Ah, okay then. So now he wants to help. Better late-….never.

//As long as we can maintain a watchful eye on our leftern blindspot, our position should hold against three times as many enemies even.//

That’s good news. I’m gonna-…a break-…. some ammo soon. Where’s the nearest cache?

//I spy a Special Crate atop that Sniper nest. Maybe they house primary ammo within them also.//

Alright, thats our best bet then. I’ll drop a trip-…. and then we-…make a quick-….I hope our friend catches the quo.-…roll with it.

~Wolfgang Matthews

Some Captain for ya!


Post-scripture: I swear I could cry right now. We love our fur babies.

Nightmare – Daily Prompt

Nightmare – Daily Post

A quick punch into my past. About a year or so ago, Sara was in line to take head as the Assistant Manager for a shoe store at our local mall. This is quite a feat for her age. Well, her boss, the Manager took a vacation for a week and as result Sara was left to both house-sit said Manager’s home and manage the store in her absence. Well, naturally I was staying at said house with Sara. They had this glorious cloud of a california-king sized bed and one morning after Sara got ready for work, we couldn’t find the keys to her car. Well after frantically tearing someone else’s house apart for a solid half hour and concluding that they had been sucked into a hidden vacuum of space, Sara ended up having to contact her sister for a ride to work. Note at this point that the poor girl was already late; and when Sara is late, no one is happy. Well, to the point, it wasn’t a whole ten minutes after she left that I laid eyes upon the mischievous keys. They were simply wrapped up within the massive cloud of a california-king sized comforter for this massive cloud of a california-king sized bed. I blame it on the luxurious lifestyle. Some of us just simply aren’t fit for fancy things. All the same, here’s a few haiku(s?) about one of the days in which I almost died (figuratively speaking, of course.) Enjoy!


Can’t find Sara’s keys

She’s gonna be late to work

Her glare is lethal


Piercing winged eyes

Porcelain cheeks, knees get weak

Angel in disguise

Temper like an ox

She’ll slay you with her smile

Sara, she’s a fox

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: Every time I try to write about Sara, even the bad parts, it always ends up turning out like the haiku(s?) above. My poet-mind went from describing a nightmare to describing her beauty within the nightmare. Ohhh, I can’t help myself. We love us.
Go on, click the link already. It truly is an amazing song from a truly talented musician. Ash Roth is so much more than hip-hop and rap. Dude’s got funk!
Asher Roth – Tangerine Girl

Wise Word Winsday #3 – Courtesy (or lack thereof)

In the world of today, a world invented by humanity that is so entirely engulfed and infused within its own inventions and technologies, there remains almost no room for something as simple as common courtesy. Whether you look for it within our real and actual physical world or deep down within the fine lines of various technological niches of the miniature worlds we’ve created (Facebook or other social media and pop culture like film/television and mainstream music just to name a few), there is little to no courtesy left.

So, lets take a look at the most important aspect of courtesy and what being courteous primarily involves. Or in other words, the main thing we’re lacking as a general populace.


No one even tries to make eye contact anymore, even though doing so is certainly the most important part of interpersonal and verbal communication. Eye contact carries so much more weight in meaning than the words being said themselves ever can. Eye contact paints the backdrop of a word’s meaning with flavor and provides context and some emotional input – it voices the opinions and feelings that we simply cannot express verbally; be it due to excessive excitement, fear, or downright incompetence of intellect.

I don’t know if its because of all of the new and interactive technology taking our eyes (and hands) away from us, or if its because we’re just so busy staring back at ourselves all the time; and I don’t mean that in the positive, inflection way either. I’m referring to the false, ego-driven shit we’re wasting our daylight with on a daily basis. Things like name-brand clothing and accessories. And what about social media, folks. What is that? A place to connect, they say. A place to interact and communicate with others.

Oh, but I say “NAY!” my undisclosed readers. I say social media exists to take our attention away from one another. I say it sits on our interaction and smothers our communication with a hot, moist fart. I say shit like Twitter and Facebook exist solely to remove us from ourselves. Its some devil shit, dude. The creators of these websites make millions – no, billions – of dollars annually on us spending time uploading pictures of food. And fighting about everything from past relationships and the size of our penis to who’s the better (worse) presidential candidate. And sharing pictures and videos of viral shenanigans and people dying and silly memes and STUPID, RACIAL FUCKING NONSENSE. Man, I honestly can’t even get on social media anymore because it truly hurts my heart to see some of the things I see – from friends and famous folk alike. I’m not even going to touch the “Black Lives Matter” bullshit. This blog exists for positivity and there’s nothing of the like regarding that subject. This world makes you the bad guy no matter which side of the fence you stand on.

The irony is that if you follow this stupid, racial fence, you’ll note that it ends. And therein lies a beautiful black & white – as in lack of color (do you see the irony here?) – place much larger than ourselves, and our egos, in which we can all coincide as one given the lack of a propaganda-built boundary to separate us, oh yes. And when we can take the steps to reach this place of beautiful black & white, miraculous and downright courteous things can happen! 

Now back to the point though, eye contact has dissipated from our lives. We don’t even look at one another when we eat anymore! We’re “instagraming” our food. We’re texting and “snapping” while operating a massive piece of steel and fiberglass weighing up to two tons (cars). What the fuck, right? We’re taking selfies for all of these social media outlets to document the moments of our lives instead of just plainly living in the moment – you know; etching not only the image, but wholly encompassing the feelings and emotions coursing through our bodies at the same time – and truly remembering that moment from the sweat on our skin down to the marrow of our bones.

Alas, I am using these wretched technologies to reach out to you all, but I’ at least using them to make my point and have it be heard. Does that make me any better? I like to think so. So work with me, fellow writers and readers alike. Work with me to quell all of the negativity and nonsense of social media. In no way will we ever slay the Infinitely-headed Social Media Serpent, but we can at least try to tame the poor beast. We can’t stop Facebook from being here, but we can do our part in keeping it clean of our dirty laundry, eh? This is an entirely unplanned and streamlined thought of consciousness, and its quite hilarious, but look at it like one does recycling. Sure, we’ll never entirely clean the planet, but we can at least do our small part in not littering so as to not add to the unending filth we live in. I mean, isn’t that common courtesy?

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: This would’ve been a great post for Wise Word Winsday yesterday. But I digress, at least I got it out of my brain. I hope you enjoyed the read, whether you agreed or not.

The Myth of the Monte Carlo

I’ve got one more entry, Entry 34, about our Gunslinger, O’Shaughnessy-16, and his quest to unravel one of the many mysteries plaguing the European Dead Zone. What is it? Who or what is causing such strife? What, oh what, will our not-so-super hero do to next?!

Find out the exclusive details here, only at Words-with-Wolfgaaaaaang!


Entry 34 – (Monologue, Butt-hurt thoughts reviewing recent events)

Gettin’ very fed up with this whole damn Op, this whole damn Dead Zone too. Been here well over 24 hours now and it seems all I’ve found while looking for answers are more questions. Like this Voidwalker tailing me and having the audacity to spring me with Axions, hmm. We both know that we both know he’s there and could do much worse. Why hasn’t the pretentious prick introduced himself yet? Or dropped a Nova Bomb on my noggin? And why can’t Leo catch a read on his Light? That in itself defeats me. All the same, two & two tells me he’s the same one that shot at me upon arrival. Same one that dropped the beacon. Same one raising all these questions. Same one that’s gonna answer, too.

So its back to the Courtyard. Just Leo, my Regulator, and me. Roll with it.

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Geographer – Cloudbusting