Wise Word Winsday #4 – Patience

The power of patience is a great one. While it’s a power that is certainly embedded within us all, the depth by which we must dig to attain said power varies within us all as well. Some of us are born with patience. Some of us live our entire lives without ever achieving such a frame of mind. For some of us, it requires a life-altering experience. For some of us, it simply requires old age. For some of us, it comes with our doctorate degree. (Boom, knee slapper.)

Anyways, you get the point. Patience is here. It does exist. And believe it or not, patience is more than just a word. Its more than just a “frame of mind” like I mentioned prior. Patience is a living breathing thing. It is an essence of our well-being as a people – from the singular soul to the seven billion strong inhabiting the world. Because this is the thing: Patience is what helped humanity rise to the top of the food chain. Having patience gave humans civility and commonwealth among each other. Without patience, we would still be ripping the throats from one another upon eye contact like our barbaric ancestors. Without patience, we wouldn’t have created the endless string of inventions and improvements upon inventions that propelled us into the future of a society we live in today. Without patience, we wouldn’t fall in love and follow it through and make life of one into two like we do. (Boom, accidental yet kick-ass rhyme.)

Down to a finer line of emphasis, patience can make or break our outlook on life. It can help us through that awful day at work, knowing our home with our family and loved ones is just around the temporal corner. It can provide us with that last bit of hope when practicing our craft, be it painting that perfect portrait or shooting that saucy 3-pointer or even writing that poetic prose. Patience is the backbone of our success. But with lack of said patience, we’re no longer in control.

Because patience is the forefront of all decisions made. It is the foundation by which we build our metaphorical House of Reason! (Boom, feelin’ like a preacherman.) Patience is what got your parents through your birth. Patience is what got you a diploma, believe it or not. (In no way can anyone justify 12 years of schooling when a majority of it goes unused in the real world.) Patience is what keeps you going to work every day, hoping for that raise or promotion or maybe even new job elsewhere entirely. Like I said, we’ve all got the power of patience within us. Sometimes, as silly as it sounds, we just requires a little patience to achieve the power of patience.

So do me this favor, if nothing at all. Heed these words, whether you agree with my aforementioned rant or not.

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself why you sleep;
what makes and takes your day away.
When you go to sleep, ask yourself why you wake;
what makes you hope and dream and pray.

~ Wolfgang Matthews


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