Nightmare – Daily Prompt

Nightmare – Daily Post

A quick punch into my past. About a year or so ago, Sara was in line to take head as the Assistant Manager for a shoe store at our local mall. This is quite a feat for her age. Well, her boss, the Manager took a vacation for a week and as result Sara was left to both house-sit said Manager’s home and manage the store in her absence. Well, naturally I was staying at said house with Sara. They had this glorious cloud of a california-king sized bed and one morning after Sara got ready for work, we couldn’t find the keys to her car. Well after frantically tearing someone else’s house apart for a solid half hour and concluding that they had been sucked into a hidden vacuum of space, Sara ended up having to contact her sister for a ride to work. Note at this point that the poor girl was already late; and when Sara is late, no one is happy. Well, to the point, it wasn’t a whole ten minutes after she left that I laid eyes upon the mischievous keys. They were simply wrapped up within the massive cloud of a california-king sized comforter for this massive cloud of a california-king sized bed. I blame it on the luxurious lifestyle. Some of us just simply aren’t fit for fancy things. All the same, here’s a few haiku(s?) about one of the days in which I almost died (figuratively speaking, of course.) Enjoy!


Can’t find Sara’s keys

She’s gonna be late to work

Her glare is lethal


Piercing winged eyes

Porcelain cheeks, knees get weak

Angel in disguise

Temper like an ox

She’ll slay you with her smile

Sara, she’s a fox

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: Every time I try to write about Sara, even the bad parts, it always ends up turning out like the haiku(s?) above. My poet-mind went from describing a nightmare to describing her beauty within the nightmare. Ohhh, I can’t help myself. We love us.
Go on, click the link already. It truly is an amazing song from a truly talented musician. Ash Roth is so much more than hip-hop and rap. Dude’s got funk!
Asher Roth – Tangerine Girl

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