Wise Word Winsday #3 – Courtesy (or lack thereof)

In the world of today, a world invented by humanity that is so entirely engulfed and infused within its own inventions and technologies, there remains almost no room for something as simple as common courtesy. Whether you look for it within our real and actual physical world or deep down within the fine lines of various technological niches of the miniature worlds we’ve created (Facebook or other social media and pop culture like film/television and mainstream music just to name a few), there is little to no courtesy left.

So, lets take a look at the most important aspect of courtesy and what being courteous primarily involves. Or in other words, the main thing we’re lacking as a general populace.


No one even tries to make eye contact anymore, even though doing so is certainly the most important part of interpersonal and verbal communication. Eye contact carries so much more weight in meaning than the words being said themselves ever can. Eye contact paints the backdrop of a word’s meaning with flavor and provides context and some emotional input – it voices the opinions and feelings that we simply cannot express verbally; be it due to excessive excitement, fear, or downright incompetence of intellect.

I don’t know if its because of all of the new and interactive technology taking our eyes (and hands) away from us, or if its because we’re just so busy staring back at ourselves all the time; and I don’t mean that in the positive, inflection way either. I’m referring to the false, ego-driven shit we’re wasting our daylight with on a daily basis. Things like name-brand clothing and accessories. And what about social media, folks. What is that? A place to connect, they say. A place to interact and communicate with others.

Oh, but I say “NAY!” my undisclosed readers. I say social media exists to take our attention away from one another. I say it sits on our interaction and smothers our communication with a hot, moist fart. I say shit like Twitter and Facebook exist solely to remove us from ourselves. Its some devil shit, dude. The creators of these websites make millions – no, billions – of dollars annually on us spending time uploading pictures of food. And fighting about everything from past relationships and the size of our penis to who’s the better (worse) presidential candidate. And sharing pictures and videos of viral shenanigans and people dying and silly memes and STUPID, RACIAL FUCKING NONSENSE. Man, I honestly can’t even get on social media anymore because it truly hurts my heart to see some of the things I see – from friends and famous folk alike. I’m not even going to touch the “Black Lives Matter” bullshit. This blog exists for positivity and there’s nothing of the like regarding that subject. This world makes you the bad guy no matter which side of the fence you stand on.

The irony is that if you follow this stupid, racial fence, you’ll note that it ends. And therein lies a beautiful black & white – as in lack of color (do you see the irony here?) – place much larger than ourselves, and our egos, in which we can all coincide as one given the lack of a propaganda-built boundary to separate us, oh yes. And when we can take the steps to reach this place of beautiful black & white, miraculous and downright courteous things can happen! 

Now back to the point though, eye contact has dissipated from our lives. We don’t even look at one another when we eat anymore! We’re “instagraming” our food. We’re texting and “snapping” while operating a massive piece of steel and fiberglass weighing up to two tons (cars). What the fuck, right? We’re taking selfies for all of these social media outlets to document the moments of our lives instead of just plainly living in the moment – you know; etching not only the image, but wholly encompassing the feelings and emotions coursing through our bodies at the same time – and truly remembering that moment from the sweat on our skin down to the marrow of our bones.

Alas, I am using these wretched technologies to reach out to you all, but I’ at least using them to make my point and have it be heard. Does that make me any better? I like to think so. So work with me, fellow writers and readers alike. Work with me to quell all of the negativity and nonsense of social media. In no way will we ever slay the Infinitely-headed Social Media Serpent, but we can at least try to tame the poor beast. We can’t stop Facebook from being here, but we can do our part in keeping it clean of our dirty laundry, eh? This is an entirely unplanned and streamlined thought of consciousness, and its quite hilarious, but look at it like one does recycling. Sure, we’ll never entirely clean the planet, but we can at least do our small part in not littering so as to not add to the unending filth we live in. I mean, isn’t that common courtesy?

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: This would’ve been a great post for Wise Word Winsday yesterday. But I digress, at least I got it out of my brain. I hope you enjoyed the read, whether you agreed or not.


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