A piece of peace

Since the dawn of time, ages of existence have certainly come and gone all across our universe. While I cannot speak for the whole universe, I feel safe in assuming that no matter what corner we wander into, there has, is, and always will be war and strife. There will always be conflict.

On the flip side of the same universal coin, I feel safe in assuming that no matter what pocket we peer into, there has, is, and always will be peace and love. There will always be harmony.

There’s gotta be a catch though right? Well there is. You see, I can’t decide whether its my ignorance in youth or if its the world just progressively turning to shit that gives me these proceeding thoughts. But either way, lastly, I feel safe in assuming that the world we know it is on the verge of change – not the change that happens every day like facial hair growing or the currency exchange rate, and not our day to day feelings or the miniscul, ever-so-minute changes in our Earth’s rotation/revolution – no. I’m talking about the change that comes with the everchanging ages of existence. The big switch, if you will.

I’m talking about a change in our reality and the fabric of humanity’s entire being. Given, the possibilities are endless, both good and bad. The optimist in me is thrilled while the pessimist is a face of spite and smirk.

My glass sits half full for the forward-thinking technological breakthroughs available for the taking here in my own lifetime, let alone my kids and their kids’ lifetimes. Its half full for  1% that just wants the world to get along and do away with money and greed. Its half full because I’m human, yet alien, and my alien eyes can see all the true possibility and potential wrapped within our own fucking human DNA – we can fly faster than sound through a vaccuum. We can paint miracles. We can deduce our own fate through reasoning and logic. We have opposable thumbs for the love of (the) God(s)!

All jokes aside, we as humans are the chosen ones; the race that won the race. We hold our own destiny within our palms as if we’re the God(s) we worship ourselves.

But again, flip the coin, and on the other side lies our less-than-proud characteristics: Murder and wretched genocide through the ages of Man, countless cruelties not even worth a mention in this prized piece of a peaceful prose. Humans are selfish, greedy, maniacal beasts down to the bitter bone, and this is true. Some argue that our innate drive to survive is both our claim to fame through salvation and our self-written warrant to the fiery pits of Hell alike.

Me? I just want a piece of a peace of mind for Posterity. These poor kids haven’t a clue what a mess we’re leaving in our wake. And for the record, just ask yourself, Where do the children play?


~ Wolfgang Matthews


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