Finding the Dark

Daily Post – Darkness

I’ve grown to fall in love with haiku(s?) as of late; partly due to their simplistic and clean-cut nature, partly for their natural-telling sense of irony or humor or all the other things that make literature and poetry great. Anyways, as a result of my newfound joy, I’m going to end my busy day with a simple post as such. Since the Daily Post prompt is “darkness”, I thought I’d wack two birds with one stone and make the haiku about darkness. Enjoy.

Finding the Dark

Seeking things unknown,

blinded by Material,

spiteful, shiny things.

Answers held below,

we dig into our conscious:

Question everything.

For we are not real,

just materialistic:

Shades of existence.

Programmed from Day 1,

we love to spend our money:

Shine for attention.

Close your eyes with me,

ask yourself, are you happy?

Let the truth sink in.


~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: the flavor of the week. link will take ya’s to youtube, per usual.
Baby Missiles by The War on Drugs


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