Wise Words Winsday #2 – Be

Today’s word of the wise from none other than yours truly is a simple one, yet with difficult passage. Today, I want to talk about “be” and how absolutely crucial it is to truly understand the imposing message and meaning behind a word so opposingly small. Without further adieu, lettuce begin, shall we?


Here’s our World’s definition of “be”:

Be – verb

  1. exist.synonyms: exist, have being, have existence, live, be alive, breathe, have extent
  2. occur; take place.synonyms: occur, happen, take place, arise, transpire, fallmaterialize, ensue, befall, betide


In my less-than-professional opinion, the definition above doesn’t do our Winsday Wise Word justice. Simply existing isn’t enough to be. Nope, not for me. My reasoning is somewhat similar to what I was getting at when I begin this blog with Breaking the Ice. My reasoning to live, or exist, or have being comes from something much deeper than simply “occuring” or “taking place”in some instance in time.

Sure, we’re not really significant in the big picture of things. Our measly little ~100 years of life doesn’t amount to much on the grand scale of Time itself. But I’ll be damned if I allow such a reasonable, realistic, yet terribly narcissistic thought like that influence how I choose to live my life.

Do you understand? At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what we think about ourselves or what our destiny might be. What really matters are the lives by which our own lives affect and the butterfly effects of which said effected lives choose to inflict on others, including the effects inflicted back upon us. What really makes our lives worth living is the impact we have on those around us – Our parents, our peers, our children. Even our co-workers and pets and such. And to have an impact, one cannot simply “exist” or “take place”, oh no, and that is a FACT.

Do you understand?! At the end of the week, it really doesn’t matter how tired and exhausted we are. What really matters is whether or not we did our best at our craft, even if our day job isn’t our true love or joy in life, because being stuck doing something we might not want to do in the morning isn’t an excuse to keep us from our true craft and passion at night. Yes, what really matters is the effort(s) in life by which we choose to put forth on a day-to-day basis throughout the week. We have no right to complain about our day job if we’re not actively doing something, ANYTHING, outside of that day job in an attempt to progress in life and change it. This is as much a FACT as our lack of the right to believe in (a) God(s) if we can’t even sustain the spine to believe in ourselves first and foremost – but those words, like so many other words, are words for another day.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! At the end of the year, it really does not matter how much money we made or what car we bought or didn’t buy or what version of iPhone is currently on the market/mind. What really matters is the progress we achieved in comparison to the year prior. What really matters is whether or not we’re continually growing as a person – day by day, week by week, and year by year – because if we can’t manage growth within ourselves, I don’t find it easy to promote growth within others, you know, those parts-of-life we use to surpass the hump. It all comes around full circle my friend, and that too, is a FACT my undisclosed readers. That is a fucking FACT.

I truly hope you’re beginning to understand.

For at the end of our lives, it really does not fucking matter how we feel about it. Its all of those parents and peers and all the other parts-of-life and their feelings and thoughts on how we lived our lives as we finally were able to surpass the hump that really matters. Its whether or not we went out and lived and learned and loved  and created something, be it with our own two hands or with our sex organ and the unconditional love of a significant other (or lack thereof) that really matters. Its whether or not we woke up this morning and chose to believe in ourselves – that really matters. And that, as always, will be a FACT.

~ Wolfgang Matthews


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