(The) Path of Survival, Draft #2

“NOW this is the Path of Survival; A Path forlorn; born from within.
Dost matter not what path unravels;  dost matter not where it begins.

To fringes of Faulan, to Oceans Untold; the Path of Survival forever unfolds –
Now this is the Path of Survival hereon; survive and let die ‘fore the Path is foregone.



Trust in the Sun and the Moons in the sky; for they will stay true to the temporal eye.
Trust in yourself for the self cannot lie to the self if the self is Oneself with their Eye.

Doubt every reason to doubt where you go; survive in the eye of the storm as it grows.
Doubt every answer to all questions asked; but doubt not a step while treading the Path.



~ Wolfgang Matthews


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