Autonomous Antinomy of Waves- Daily Prompt in Haiku

Daily Post of Autonomy


Haiku Horizons Weekly Post of Wave

I’ve been incredibly busy over the last few days with this, that, and the other thing. Furthermore, its America Day (which is COMPLETELY daft in my mind; and we’ll discuss this on another day, Old America. You’re not getting out of being punished by Wolfgang via wordplay for all of the heinous acts of genocide by which you so tolerantly committed.), and I’ve picked up extra hours at work as a result due to being paid Holiday Hours. Nonetheless, and its no excuse but, I’ve not had time to do a solid post in quite awhile. Since Winsday Wise Words, honestly. So I’m ready to write a bunch of shit only a handful of people on Earth truly even care to read, let alone end up reading anyways. Although said post of amazingness and great length shall not come today, I do have a haiku to drop instead.

But first: I follow a few really neat, motivating blogs within WordPress here that give you ideas of what to write for the day if you’re set on putting at least SOMETHING down daily so as to improve upon your writing craft without allowing yourself to slack. I’m am certainly one of such writers. Anyways, the two blogs aforementioned are The Daily Post and Haiku Horizons. Feel free to just click the names if you’d like to be linked to the respective blogs for a quick looksie. Not only do the prompts themselves motivate and/or assist your writing practice, but the posts people reply to said prompts with are endless pools of knowledge and examples in what it takes to be a writer. There are all kinds of responses that do wonders in catalyzing that Thinking Noodle, helping to get outside the Box of Boring and cooked right into a big bowl of Super Writing Soup !

Anyways, here’s the Daily Post in Haiku form. I hope you enjoy, folks.

Autonomous Antinomy of Waves

The Wave is the slave

The people are the victims

The moon is guilty.

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Post-scripture: Here’s a song for those intrigued by my taste in music and too afraid to tell me and/or admit it out of sheer too-cool-ness or something along those bizarre, blurred lines. By the by, the band to be displayed below is a band with a bass player that goes by the name of none other than “THE Ryan “Goodface” Gosling”. Truly though, Mr. Gooseling plays the keys and a few other instruments from track to track, and even is the featured vocalist on the track to be shared below. Great music, guys. They even feature this children’s orchestra throughout the album and its solid gold. I would swear to it by the beat of the drum.
Dead Man’s Bones – Lose Your Soul
Post-post-scripture: I love you, Momma. I know you’re out there reading my posts as I progress through time. You’re my hero and my main motivation. It is known.

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