(The) Path of Survival

“NOW this is the Path of Survival; A Path forlorn; born from within.
Dost matter not what path unravels;  dost matter not where it begins.

To fringes of Faulan, to Oceans Untold; the Path of Survival forever unfolds –
Now this is the Path of Survival hereon; survive and let die ‘fore the Path is foregone.


(to be continued.)


~ Wolfgang Matthews


Post-scripture: For those unaware, this poem draws inspiration from another poem called The Law for the Wolves by Rudyard Kipling. He’s known for some neat stuff you might know about such as The Jungle Book, eh 90’s babers?  Anyways, like all great things, this will be continued and built upon to one day reflect the length and (hopefully) greatness by which the original expresses. As such, there is more to the Path of Survival than meets the macbook. I’m looking forward to sharing more. Au revoir !


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