Wednesday/Winsday Wise Words #1 – Grow


     Of all the people in the world speaking English, I feel a majority of us secretly pronounced ‘Wednesday’ in a similar manor to how it is shown above in the massive bold print I placed up there^ strictly for this example by which I just exemplified. Am I right? Sure.

     Well, while casually learning to read in the waiting room of my mother’s womb, I had a tendency to do that kind of spelling trick with virtually every word I read and that same tendency has continued up to this day. I’m doing it right meow. But the only word I won’t allow myself to phonetically sound out is Wednesday. Why, do you ask?

“Why, Dean, do you submit yourself to such proper, yet blasphemic standards in speech?!”
– Undisclosed reader

Mm. Well I shall tell you my reader of utmost nondisclosure. I look at Wednesday as Winsday, therefore, I choose to pronounce it as such. It’s the day fit for winning. The day for taking that extra effort to surpass the hump in the week. We all know life is mostly shit, but its those atom-sized parts of life that aren’t shit that gives us cause to get out of bed in the AM. Everyone’s parts-of-life are different and no one is here to judge.

They could be anything from music to a significant other to intense drug binges to finally landing that big fish. Broad, general things like The Cincinnati Reds winning or deciphering that puzzle you’ve been stuck on all week. Specific things like hugging that one special dog at home or those two Oreos with a glass of poorly mixed chocolate milk (using powder of course. No syrup nonsense in this house, no sir) right before bed. New shoes. Old photos. Fast cars. Slow jams. Everyone’s parts-of-life are different.

The lesson I’m learning ya is this. As we’re living life day to day, trying to keep that inner flame alive, working to get over that hump, shit will undoubtedly hit the fan at one point or another. It might even happen on a Winsday. All the same, herein this moment lies our opportunity to resist the urge of looking back down into the valley of the past. What happens will happen and will have happened alike. Chew on it for a minute. Swallow it. Take the time to consider those special parts-of-life and use them as ego-fuel to surpass the hump, make it through Winsday, and grow as a person, because that’s all we can really do as we surpass the humps and mountains of Life: Grow.

So grow.

~ Wolfgang Matthews





1) blasphemic isn’t even a word, but it sounds sexy so it stays.

2) Happy Hump Day, folks !

3) Do your earballs a favor today and click the link below. It’ll take ya to Youtube.

Fixations by Gardens & Villa 

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