A Moment on Mattè

The fauna and wildlife of Mattè isn’t entirely unlike our own planet Earth. It has trees and birds and seas and giant snake-squid creatures called Sarongea also. The sky is  blue as most grasses are green while the air is transparent and clean in between. Had humanity waited some 50,000 more years to begin destroying our own planet, she might look a bit like Mattè – but just a bit.

The deserts here are fierce and grand, covering nearly 50% of one of the three continents in the known world. The mountains are high, reaching altitudes yet to be discovered by Ienity- the generally human-esque race of Mattè. Ienity is also responsible for the creation of known history itself, as before they came, before the Great Cataclysm itself, history is unknown and untold. At least, thats what is apparent anyways: who knows what might lie deep beneath the vast sandlands – or what is hidden, forgotten, within the passages of all those mountain peaks lining The Gorge and The Ring alike. Who knows?

~ Wolfgang Matthews

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