All good things come in 3’s

I confess, I fail you all. I’ve gotten so worked up over a post-theme for Wednesdays that I’ve been cheating and working on it 3 days in advance. Alas, I do have a little bit of fun for postage. Although my third post is all but a post at all, I will leave ya’s with re-prints of three old poems from back in the day-day while going to University. Don’t judge me too hard now.

~ Wolfgang Matthews

Blame Game
Free Verse Poem Draft 6 (Final)
Written By: Dean Estes

Let’s play the Blame Game.
She said, “I know I can win it.”
          But what’s winning when winning is ending before we’re finished?
What’s winning when winning is ending with transgressions?
You blaming me for my wrongs is a step in the right direction, but three rights don’t make a left when we’re left with a misconception.
          But what’s losing when choosing what’s who’s fault leaves a bruising impression all on our egos? Well let’s call my feelings a window; it was steamy with self-esteem. Yours matched mine when we met. We were more than a perfect team, till the day that the blames started. Blaming became a game, then a game that we restarted and restarted and restarted. Now look at where we aren’t, floating oceans apart.

I write about us in class as I try to dry out my heart. But its cold, so damp and my fingers are falling apart. Holding this pen is hard, can you blame me? 

Life or Lack Thereof
List Poem Draft 2 (Final)
Written by: Dean Estes

  1. Open your mind.
  2. Open your ears.
  3. Open your eyes.
  4. Open your throat.
  5. Open your lips.
  6. Take a dandy yawn, you deserve it for all that hard-working sleep.
  7. Open your door.
  8. Open another maybe.
  9. Go into the room that’s too cold for your feet.
  10. Close the door cause hot air is precious and its escaping.
  11. Open the toothpaste.
  12. Do (5) again and add in the teeth.
  13. Open your eyes wide cause I swear it’ll clean them better.
  14. Open the cold water faucet.
  15. Open your throat again.
  16. Smile for your twin, no parsley? Groovy.
  17. Open your urethra and colon if necessary.
  18. Open the drain that flushes the leftover-you away.
  19. Open the shower curtain.
  20. Open the hot water faucet.
  21. Open the bottles of chemicals.
  22. Cover yourself in chemicals.
  23. Open your mind some more. The hot water will do you justice.
  24. Open the shower curtain again.
  25. Open the door you closed after opening it to begin.
  26. Open the dresser drawer or closet door.
  27. Open yourself to options and possibilities.
  28. Open the cold door.
  29. Open a jug and chug.
  30. Open the front door.
  31. Open your mind some more.
  32. Now there’s nothing left to open that you haven’t opened before.
  33. Open up to Life without hiding behind closed doors.

Personal Poem
Imitation Poem Draft 2 (Final)
Written by: Dean Estes

Well I’m gonna vent and get bent on my thoughts

Like Frank O’hara can do. Thought my natural

Cause is to rhyme and take time with my clause.

Can’t you see what I do?

I write and I write and erase till its 10:45. I’m racing

The clock and the tick and the tock are banging

Against my brain. Only an hour is left till I’m due for the

Kids in the class to go judging my ass. Only an hour is right

To take flight in my plight so fuck it: I’m burning this grass.

Now where do I go from here? Do I steer towards

A pretty little plot of my room? Or give you some in-

Sight of what’s going on in my life like you don’t

Already have enough bullshit going on in yours?

I’ll take Choice C and for me that’s a day out of

School with my friends at the thrift store. I see no

Point in the purchase of clothing that costs more than

A meal or two. Think of the ways you could spend all that cash

That you waste on threads of cloth woven and sewn

To your liking. I don’t know what else to build upon here.

But hey, the rhyming had stopped for a minute or two,

That’s a plus in my mind to say the least. For sheer

Spontaneity, I’m proud of myself.

I guess this is how things are done.


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